Important Update

On June 13 the Placer County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the Preliminary budget for Fiscal Year 17-18. A new computerized process came onboard along with new employees making the entire budget process entirely different from what has happened in the past. Budget numbers were drawn from FY 16-17 figures and adjusted for variables. Several departments were given an additional look and budgets increased to meet their needs. The Library Services System received a large boost in funding though not everything they requested was forthcoming. Kudos to Mary George and Kelly Heikila who worked, conversed, met and crunched numbers to construct their budget for this FY. You can find the actual budget and numbers on the County website.

The Final Budget will be considered in September when it is clear what additional funds will be available for supplemental funding. Library Administration has made requests for additional funds but it is doubtful that any large addition will be made to the Library budget given the fact that staff and other areas  received a robust increase in the temporary budget. It is, all around, a validation of the Placer County Library System with every branch receiving benefits from the Supervisors’ endorsement of the Library going forward. Thank you to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for recognizing that libraries are an important cog in the cultural wheel of Placer County.

This budget means there will be no library closures this fiscal year. The budget allows for maintenance of all open branches at their current levels. For Applegate, that means that we will continue to be open four days a week at varying hours. There will always be two staff on hand to help you and answer your questions. This summer there will be a reading-centered program for your kids to enjoy as there will at every other open branch. Going forward programming in the Applegate Library may be limited to Storytime. Nonetheless, popular programs that were once held in the library and staffed by County employees may be moved to the Applegate Civic Center Club staffed by Friends of the Library and ACCC members. We are currently in discussions with their Board of Directors. As you know we have partnered with them for our Books in Back program and other events. We look forward to strengthening our partnership and bringing more local residents into both organizations.

Check the Placer County Library web page for more information about additional programs held outside of our community that you and your kids may wish to attend. Your library card is a ticket to free information, fun and digital access no matter which branch you choose. Your membership in a Friends of the Library organization is your expression of support for your local branch as well as the entire system. I hope you will consider joining

Work on behalf of the County Library System is not over. Planning is beginning to help find other sources of permanent funding for Placer County’s Library System. We will keep your email address and let you know about meetings and other items of interest as the year rolls along. Have a wonderful summer and please visit the library.


Judy Cook

President, Friends of the Applegate Library

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