September FOAL Meeting

Friends of Applegate Library Annual Letter P. O. Box 214 Applegate, CA 95703 September 5, 2017

Hello Library Supporters!

Summer’s gone, Autumn is upon us with its bustle of activities. You may wonder what the final outcome of the big push for library funding brought to our branch in addition to keeping the doors open.

We’ve been told that there will be a new hire to provide Applegate with a manager. Along with a manager comes, we hope, the opportunity for more programs and perhaps a return of the popular Legos program will be amongst them. While the budget increase from the county’s general fund was more than generous, we didn’t gain any hours, and no library in Placer County will be open on Mondays. FOAL continues to make a quarterly contribution to the system for materials.

As generous as it was, the increase in budget is a one-time boost for Placer County libraries. While we were fighting there was always an undercurrent of uncertainty about where the money could be found on a permanent basis. Tomorrow was never a promise. You’ll be happy to know that all the Friends of the Library organizations in the system will continue to work together to find a solution to funding branches large and small. There will be more meetings to hear your ideas and ask for your support when a final solution is determined.

We hope you will visit our webpage, for library hours and then visit the library. We’re also at home on Facebook. We also invite you to attend FOAL’s general meeting on September 13 at the Applegate Civic Center at 1 p.m. You do not need to be a member to attend. Over the coming months you will find important information about the continuing need for support as we move forward.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation. Best regards,

Judy Cook
President, Friends of Applegate Library 530-392-3041

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